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I did a little recording to show you some of the work that goes into your antique book restorations. First, we take your book apart, page by page in most cases, and then we get all of that old glue off, all of the scotch tape (which of course, a well meaning family member put there) and then we mend all of the torn pages with mulberry paper tissue and rice paste. The result is that the pages are fixed one at a time, and then collated back into order, and finally resewn. This book, which has about 1500 pages, took over a week and a half to do this process, and we still haven't started the resewing yet. Also, note that I am having to clean out the dust, dead mold, and (I assume) cat and dog hair (lots of dead insects, as well) from between the pages with the red fluffy paint brush. ... See MoreSee Less

Some serious damage to this lovely old book. Holes repaired and filled in with mulberry tissue and rice paste.

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Sorry, folks, I will be out of the office for the remainder of the afternoon, Thursday September 1, 2016. I have to take care of some errands. Thank you for your understanding. If you missed me, please call 587 700 6575 to arrange another time. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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Octavia Book Bindery's 90th Birthday

Aug 19, 5:00pm

Octavia Book Bindery

It's Octavia Book Bindery's (Formerly Calgary Book Bindery) 90th Birthday !!!! The big Nine Oh. Nine Zero. Ten years short of a century. This is going to be an INFORMAL event, come as you are. It is also going to be a BYOB event -- bring something to share. Please, bring some food item to share, we're big on putluck. And it will also be an evening of Vinyl and Bookish shenanigans. This is the kind of party that only happens once a decade, so be sure to bring FRIENDS, especially friends who have never been to the bindery before. If you don't bring a gift, don't fuss, we are just happy to have you here to enjoy our good company and some fun times. IT'S OUR 90TH !!! If you're considering bringing a gift, we are in need of: A Ming style oriental vase, standing approximately 2' high with an 8" opening, and a shit ton of flowers; a gigantic GLOBE around 2' in diametre; studio equipment you no longer have a use for (mics, patch cords, condenser, equalizer, monitors, etc.; art supplies (cause we never have enough); or, finally, LP records to add to our collection, because the studio always needs more music. This event will be lived streamed to Youtube, so our friends elsewhere can join in with us !!!

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Copyright Talk at Octavia BOOK Bindery

Jun 28, 5:30pm

Octavia Book Bindery

ATTENTION, FOLKS !!!! This Tuesday evening, at 5:30 at OCTAVIA BOOK BINDERY, Copyright Lawyers from MILLER THOMPSON -- Wayne Logan and Ayesha Lakhani will be at the studio giving a talk and taking questions concerning copyrights, trademarks, etc. THESE PEOPLE WANT TO HELP YOU !!! Come by, enjoy a glass of wine (they're providing it !!!) and chat. schmooze, and get friendly. This is a special one time thing, folks, so get on it. Let me know if you're coming !!!

From Verna Souvard:
Hi Robert,
You've outdone yourself. Awesome isn't word enough -- I Thank You!
We are all blown away, so impressive! Do carry on the excellent work you do.
Verna and Co.
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"I wish to say thank you again to Robert for his kindness and generosity shown to my 4 year old granddaughter yesterday. She loves books in general, always pretending she can read and she does make up her own narratives with a book in hand and now she loves the special book given to her and she just had to tell her parents about her experience in your store." -- Len Mar. ... See MoreSee Less

What do you need, Calgary? I'm a bookbinder, leather worker, and manufacturer. I make stuff. Mostly, I make beautiful stuff. I fix old books, I restore antiques, I publish and distribute books worldwide, and I spend an awful lot of my time crafting cool items for a very small clientele. I could be much busier, though. So, what do you need, Calgary? Guestbooks? Wedding Invitations? Journals? Photo Albums? Publishing?
I'll admit, we're craftspeople, so its all about high quality versus fast and cheap, but we're excited to work on your projects. Everything is customizable, and everything is manufactured on demand. What do you need, Calgary?
Bookbinding has been called a "dying art" -- but our business has been around since 1926, and although we primarily use antique equipment and haven't embraced new tech, we're still relevant, and excited to try new things.
We are expanding our shop to include a sound studio for recording audio books, music, and spoken word, as well as podcasts and voice over work. There are so many cool creative ideas that can flow out of that space as well. What do you need, Calgary? We want you to put us to work. Give us your stuff, we know what to do with it.
Want us to teach you how to do cool things with paper? We're good at that, too. Put us to work, Calgary, we're excited to bring our hands to your projects.
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Octavia Interview
We were interviewed recently by a Mt.Royal Broadcast student. This was the result. Gets a little weird at the end, but hey, it's creative.
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Tomorrow, come and join us.
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Revista Lucas de Leyden
Unfortunately, this isn't our studio, but it does show a lot of the kinds of things that we do in our studio. Really neat to share the process with you 🙂
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El Nacimiento de un libro ----- Para que puedas disfrutar de futuras Publicaciones, dale "Me Gusta" a la Página:

Oh, my gosh. I am so embarrassed. It would appear that I forgot to add the Contact Page to the website when we redesigned it in January -- so no wonder business has been incredibly slow !!! Sorry, folks. It turns out that I am a better bookbinder than I am a web designer !!! In case you didn't know Octavia Book Bindery is located at:

1040 - 8th Ave SW, Calgary Alberta Canada.

Between 7th and 8th Avenues, on 10th Street

(Same building as 1038, on the West side of the building).

(587) 700 - 6575


We are open from 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday.
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