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Amazon seller screwed up with their shipping, and instead of giving me the 2 day shipping that I paid extra for, sent our replacement phone by 7 day shipping. So, not only do we lose ONE day's client phone calls, but we lose an entire WEEK'S client phone calls. How the hell am I going to pay our employee payroll this week without any money? ... See MoreSee Less

You know, I don't have a phone this morning. It's in the mails. Who knows when it will arrive. And I just know that people are trying to call and not actually looking at the web site -- most mondays we make enough to pay for the week -- so I guarantee, this crackhead didn't know (or doesn't care) that I likely won't be able to pay my employees because of his having stolen my phone. ... See MoreSee Less

Robert's phone was stolen on Friday, October 13. He has ordered a replacement, but it won't arrive until Wednesday October 18. PLEASE, email us at OCTAVIAPRESS@HOTMAIL.COM. It's the best way to get a hold of us until we have a new phone. Sorry for the inconvenience. ... See MoreSee Less

So, I tried to do the world a good turn. Some homeless guy walks into the studio and asks for some change to buy some food. I have been hungry, I have been homeless, I have been penniless. So, I offer him some leftover pizza from the fridge. I am gone for 10 seconds. He steals my phone. I give him the pizza and he walks out the door, giving me a fist bump as he goes. I noticed how dirty his hands were. I noticed the smile on his face. I felt rather good about it. Until I noticed that I could not find my phone. After a few minutes of hurried searching, and begging friends to call me so that I can locate it, I resolve myself to three things (1) I will try to get a replacement debit and credit card at the bank tomorrow. (2) I will get a new phone ASAP, because all of my business calls go through it, and (3) I will never again turn my back on a street person. EVER. I will continue to help the homeless, and I will continue to give when and where I can -- but this has been a harsh and sad lesson.
In the mean time, I need a phone, and I need to go get a replacement sim card.

The funny thing is, the lock screen of the phone has a message that says, "If this phone is lost, please return it and I will give that person a $100 reward, no questions asked".
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Octavia Book BinderyBTW, if you happen to have an old smart phone kicking around, it would be very much appreciated. I don't really have money to buy a new one.

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Robert's phone was stolen this evening, so he cannot receive phone calls until he gets a replacement. His ID and cards were also in the phone, so he cannot get money to replace it until Monday, at the earliest. ... See MoreSee Less

Octavia Book Bindery added 3 new photos.

Props for the television show "The Detour". They didn't want to pay for custom foiling dies, so these ones were hand painted in gold.
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"One of the first things a lot of beginning genealogists want to explore is their family crest or coat of arms. It is a mistaken belief among beginners that every family has one of these somewhere in their ancient history, and newcomers to the genealogical field naturally want to celebrate their family by bringing their coat of arms back to life. This is a wonderful ambition, and if your family truly does have a coat of arms or crest that you are entitled to use, you should learn about it and display it proudly.

"However, actually having a coat of arms or family crest is much rarer than you might imagine. Having the hereditary right to use it is even rarer. While there are many companies out there that are willing to sell you all kinds of merchandise with your supposed “family crest” on it, the vast majority of these companies are not engaged in legitimate genealogical research. The coat of arms or crest you get may or may not belong to your family (and it might be made up completely by the company selling it to you), or you may not have the hereditary right to use it."

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I've received the rudest email I think I've ever had the opportunity to read from a client this morning, a thesis client whose emails apparently got lost in the junk mail folder, and who says she's tried to call and email several times -- all without speaking to someone. She then threatens to call the Better Business Bureau, and complain about her order.

She was second in queue, meaning that she was likely going to get her books finished today or tomorrow. In fact, we were only a few minutes away from hitting print on her order. We have since cancelled her order and refunded her money. That's good news for the people who were in queue behind her, as we don't have to deal with her rudeness, and thus get to get to their orders first.

If you cannot get through, it's because you need to call during business hours. If we don't answer right away, it's because we were likely on the other line. If your emails don't elicit a response, make sure that you've been kind to people -- the more people who mark your emails as junk mail in the system, the more likely you will be black-balled all across the net.
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Heather DewickUgh, yes. I regularly get called at odd hours, Saturday and Sunday evenings are top times it seems 😕

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Please note, Octavia will be closed until Noon on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2017.

Robert stayed up until 3AM working on a rush order for a client, so please, accept our apology, but he needs to sleep in for once.

Thanks for your understanding, we appreciate your business, but in this case, he's not seeing straight, and it's time for bed.

Thanks a million !!!
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Late night binding session, building props for the television show 'The Detour'. Now, gotta make gold titling. ... See MoreSee Less

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Robert also runs a bunch of online businesses, selling everything from lingerie to fountain pens to skateboard parts to graffiti stickers. Part of the marketing/advertising method is to come up with content that keeps people interested and paying attention to the Facebook pages associated with his businesses. This is one of the silly things that gets generated every so often to make people look and to get them interacting with the sites. It might sound silly, but it helps. ... See MoreSee Less

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What are we listening to this morning at the studio? Robert went to Recordland over the weekend, and found a vinyl copy of this beautiful Mandragal-Ballet. It's amazing. Anyhoos, since Sarah-Joy Goode is our resident unicorn, Robert bought it for her amusement. Please, enjoy, let us know what you think. (PS: I know that it's not "Book" related, but it is what we are up to this fine September Monday.) ... See MoreSee Less

Gian Carlo Menotti (1911-2007): The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore, Madrigal-Ballet per coro, 10 danzatori e 9 strumenti (1956) --- Coro e gruppo stru...

As a bookbinder, I have had the great fortune of being born in an era when we have the internet to make contact with other binders across the world.

So, when I hear about terrible tragedies happening across our world, I can't help but to think about the people whom I've come to know in my industry, their friends and families, their homes, neighborhoods and cities.

I am so happy to hear that my friend Sarahy in Mexico didn't get hurt in today's earthquake in Mexico City, and my heart goes out to everyone who is affected by this event.

I know that I don't often reach out with such things, but if there is anyone with whom I can reach out and help out in any way, please let me know. My heart goes out to you all, and I do hope that you are all okay.
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Question from a client:

I forgot to ask if there details that make binding with you unique?

Our Answer:

Thanks for asking. Our books are hand bound, not made in a factory. We sew each text block by hand, the covers are made by hand, even our boards are cut on a 100 year old guillotine.

The bindery in Edmonton is a factory bindery, pumping out books by the thousands. We only do 20-30/week. It is a matter of quality versus quantity. We also guarantee our work, something that most factory binderies are hard pressed to do, even under the best of circumstances.

Profit margin being a thing, we decided to do things as beautifully and as perfectly as possible, cutting no corners. Any company can compete on price, and I've found racing to the bottom only leads to eventual insolvency, we chose instead to allow our quality and reputation speak for us, and let the other guys fight over shoddy workmanship and poor customer service. We aim to be the absolute best at what we do.

Hope this answers your question.
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Thanks for being awesome to work with! ❤️🦋👌💥⚡️🎯🌞 ... See MoreSee Less

Octavia Book BinderyAww, thanks Robin 🙂 Glad to be of service 🙂

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Octavia Book BinderyBTW, if anyone has any of these name mugs, we love them here. When Robert L. Angus was growing up, all of his family member had one, but he didn't. Kind of sucked. So, we've been looking for as many of them as we can add to the collection. We don't need fancy cut crystal glasses to share with company, we need old school name mugs to make everyone feel welcome 🙂

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