Book Repair, Rebinding and Restoration



InfernoInferno We are constantly asked if we repair books, restore old books, or rebind broken books. The answer is a resounding YES !

We’re also known for our antique book restorations, including family bibles. Many of these old leather books need more than a little TLC. They are often falling apart, pages are torn, falling out, or missing, and the covers have fallen off, split at the hinges, or are missing entirely. We fix all of that.

Our bookbinder is known worldwide for his ability to recreate missing clasps and hardware on antique bibles and prayer books, as well as to add new leather where the old leather has worn out or completely rubbed off.

You must remember, though, that restorations may take many hours to complete, and that work can span several months. You cannot hurry a master, as we have a waiting list spanning several months for our restoration work. We cannot guarantee completion dates, and highly recommend that our clients call for updates on their jobs.


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