Long Distance Customers

Photo Album316479_2492343878027_1665521104_n Not in the area? No problem. We have clients all over the globe, including Europe, the United States, Asia, and as far away as Australia. I do believe that there are wonderful book binders everywhere, but Book Binding is an art, not just a craft, and commissioning a beautiful work of art is a relationship built between the collector and the crafts-person.

Some of our greatest pieces were requested by CEOs, nobility, Celebrities, Musicians, Movie Stars, and we’ve even done props for Disney, Heartland, Fargo, and several local productions. Don’t worry, we keep your confidential information safe.

One of our most enjoyable jobs are those where we can work on an entire library — a rare commission indeed. We love the idea of building a special treasure for our clients, one beautiful book at a time, in a collection of thousands. We have collectors who commission special pieces to commemorate events in their lives — including the binding of gifts for people they’ve worked with. Gift giving is a powerful statement, and one that should never be taken lightly.