Book Binding Workshop

Antique Book Repair (Rounding and Backing)Bookbinding seems like a simple craft, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is, a bookbinding apprenticeship traditionally runs for several years, where the apprentice will learn the basic skills, mastering each one through meticulous practice, and incredible amounts of patience. Perfection does not come easily, but it is necessary in order to become a professional. The highest standards are to be encouraged, and indeed, a poor bookbinder will not remain in business for long, as the market will decide whether or not one’s skills are good enough to pay the rent.

Bookbinders are not only expert craftspersons in fine book binding, book restorations, and box making, they must also have a familiarity with design principles, digital printing, traditional forms of printing, painting, drafting, drawing, photography, chemical handling, jewellery and metal smithing, and hundreds more operations. Where tools cannot be found, suitable replacements may need to be manufactured by the binder, such as knives, presses, and finishing tools. Every repair and restoration offers its own lessons, and a bookbinder never stops learning.

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