Publishing Services

With 5 imprints and over 1500 books to our credit, we know how to get the job done.

Ghost Writing

We can rewrite your manuscript, starting from your notes and dictation, and work it into a good old fashioned novel. Not everyone has the talent to spin a story out of a series of events, we’ll have someone sit and chat with you, find the relevant details, and work it into something that catches your audience’s imagination.

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Most people are confused as to what an editor does. Think of him or her like a music producer — they help you tweak the details, make it more readable, and give ideas on what may need to be changed in order to make a book shine. A writer can often confuse bad writing techniques with “art” and “poetic license”, where an editor can cut through the fluff and make reading a book a pleasurable experience for the person reading the book. An editor will also help design the book, picking out colors, fonts, and layout. The writer must remember, the book is being written for someone else to read, it is meant to communicate a series of events or ideas. And editor makes sure that the message is delivered in the best way possible.

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Proof Reading

Lets face it, most people cannot spell. Heck, even spell-check will miss a great many mistakes. I have read professionally written books which have typos. It happens. It’s embarrassing. We try to minimize the embarrassment, while still helping you keep your “voice”.

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Marketing Consulting

How do you get your books out there? There is no formula. A lot of people don’t get that you can’t just throw money at the problem and assume that it will sell a million copies (You wouldn’t believe how often I hear the phrase, “It’ll sell a million copies!”). In truth, the average book sells no more than 300 copies. In the old days, a small print run was 1000 copies, meaning that most books LOST money. Today, we can print-on-demand, which increases the price of production, while minimizing upfront costs and longterm storage. So how do you get your books out there? We can help. Set up an appointment with our “Kingpin” and he’ll give you some direction and coaching.

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On Demand Printing and Order Fulfilment

Octavia Book Bindery is a great solution for your hardcover and leatherbound books, but paperback books are mass produced and require special machines to keep the price down. We will manufacture as many books as your needs require, but can arrange for wider distribution and order fulfilment through Amazon’s web service. Our price for this service is a flat rate of $225, and your book will be available through Amazon.Com in America, the UK, and Europe.

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Illustration and Graphic Design

Our bookbinder is not a design specialist, but he is affiliated with many people who are. We work with some of the city’s most amazing artists, photographers, and writers to help you get the product you really need. Need a cover portrait? I don’t think your iPhone selfie will do the job, but we do have photographers who will work with you for a great shot. Need a great illustration for your book cover? We have amazing artists who are more than happy to take your vision and turn it into a reality. Have you written a children’s book and need an illustrator? We can help you.

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Sales and Publicity

We have the ability to get the word out. Our consultant will help you write a press kit, and show you how to approach book sellers. We can make your book available online, and will process sales on our publishing company’s web store.

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Ebook Conversion/Distribution

The book world is a different place than it was 10 years ago. Many people read ebooks, alongside of their normal print books. The Kindle marketplace is not the only distributor around, and the marketplace is always changing, evolving, and adapting. We can make your book market ready, and include design changes that will make your book more readable to different devices.

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Audio Book Recording/Editing/Mastering/Distribution NEW

With the recent addition of our recording studio, we now have the capacity to offer our recording studio to authors, writers, poets, podcasters, and anyone else who wants to get their voice heard. And even if you don’t want to do the recording yourself, we offer a selection of quality voice actors and readers who are excited to help you get your project up and running. Studio rental is affordable, and comfortable ! Our prices start at $20/hour for bookings one month in advance (Minimum order of 10 hours) , or drop in service (between 10AM and 5PM, Monday to Friday) is available for $25/hour.

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Canadian Council of the Arts Grants

Check out this page, to learn how the  Canadian government might help you to fund your project. Grants are not guaranteed, but you cannot receive them if you do not apply for them.